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About Odom

We’re Jack and Diane Odom and we want to thank you for stopping by. We put our first tree in the ground in the spring of 1978, and three years later, Odom Nursery opened its doors for the first time. We started this business with the goal of growing a superior quality tree for a reasonable price. Thirty-four years later, we’re still at it. It’s a labor of love, and we won’t be giving it up any time soon.

With 1200 acres of field production, we can offer a wide variety of Shade and Ornamental trees, flowering shrubs and evergreens of all sizes.

Here’s a quick sample of what you’ll find in our fields:

  • Many varieties of maple;
  • All the newest Elms;
  • 15 magnolias, including the hardy varieties of southern magnolias;
  • 14 varieties of flowering dogwood, including Wolf Eye and Appalachian Spring;
  • 8 varieties of arborvitae, including the deer resistant plicata varieties;
  • Boxwood and holly up to 10’

And that’s just scratching the surface.

Whatever your needs may be, there’s a very good chance we have what you’re looking for. We are presently shipping to most eastern, southern and mid-western states.

Currently, we have close to 300  varieties of B&B trees and shrubs in production We’re proud of the sheer variety and quality of our nursery stock, and we invite you to take a tour and see for yourself.

Our goal is to grow a superior quality tree
for a good price".

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